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The Lawyer BFF Success Masterclass 

The Solution For Lawyers Big on Ambition & Short on Time.
We figured it out so you don't have to.


"Career & business development? Only if its billable."


Sound familiar? Lawyer career growth strategies disappear under an avalanche of deadlines & caffeine, while future planning gets sideswiped by surprise deliverables.

That's the life of a lawyer.

How do I know? Because I'm just like you. I was a trial lawyer handling complex commercial litigation across the country. As my cases got bigger, my dreams and goals did too. I knew I needed to learn more about career upskilling and business development, but just like most of you, couldn't find the time.

The paradox is that the more successful a lawyer gets, the more challenging the work - and workload - becomes. The adage about making partner rings true:¬†‚Äúmaking partner is like winning a pie-eating contest where first prize is more pie.‚Ä̬†

It's a lifestyle treadmill that doesn't slow down and may lead to unmanaged stress, growing anxiety, and burnout. 

The problem: the time required to excel at your job prevents you from future-proofing your career & creating even more success.

Or so you may think.

Q: do you know the high-impact tools elite entrepreneurs and athletes use to handle challenges, pressures, and pitfalls?

Q: do you possess a trusted blueprint that shows an ambitious lawyer like you how to create more success, wealth, influence, balance, and satisfaction?   

If you're shaking your head no, then the Lawyer BFF Success Masterclass is for you. 

We figured it out so you don't have to. 

Easy to use tools from an expert you can trust.  

Welcome to the Lawyer BFF Success Masterclass

Here's the Truth:

In order to have more, you need to become more. 

Want more wealth, energy, focus, direction, happiness, satisfaction, fun?  

With my 30 years+ in law, business, and coaching experience, I'm here to deliver the best tools & techniques. You don't have to figure it out, because I already did!

That's our promise. With a money-back guarantee.


The Four Pillars of Success

These four pillars are the beating heart of our program and the result of 30+ years of lawyer experiences of many kinds. The pillars revolve around the major areas of a lawyer's busy life and our proprietary learning modules are built around them.


This pillar provides the tools to direct your life & career towards your vision, aligning your actions with core values and goals. We'll focus on areas that may need a little extra love, and will power up your resilience and courage.


The tools in this pillar will provide dynamic strategies, & action plans so lawyers can create opportunities around every corner. This program upon 30+ years of Marianne's legal and business expertise as a lawyer, coach, law professor, author & entrepreneur.


Big Success requires Big Energy. In this pillar we break down different kinds of energy, identify your energy vampires, and create plans to increase your energy reserves, confidence, and joie de vivre.  



The most unique pillar in our Blueprint has you tapping into your own unique brand of badassery to power up your energy, focus, and career satisfaction. Never do a "naughty list" before? Now you will . . . you'll notice what additional success shakes loose when you do.


We solved the puzzle.

Solutions that are fast and dare we say it: fun.

 "You'd be hard-pressed to find a more passionate coach than Marianne. I've personally witnessed lawyer transformation using Marianne's system. Follow her advice and in a short amount of time, you'll discover the balance and success you desire from your career." 

Cole Silver, former Chief Client Officer, Blank Rome LLP

What's Included:

The Lawyer BFF Masterclass gives you  lifetime access to the following:

Detailed, Trustworthy Video Tutorials

40+ impactful modules that break down our Four Pillars and build upon their foundations. Modules are under 10 minutes so you can find the time whether at work, on your commute, or dedicating some time yourself at home.   

Extensive Resource Library 

Workbooks, journals, and tipsheets to support the video modules and support your mastery of the tools. The library will grow over time as we hold live masterclasses and webinars, and we roll out new tools to support your success. Don't forget: you get lifetime access. 

The BFF Mobile App  

Learning doesn't mean you're tied to your laptop. Take the program with you and use it at your convenience. We know you're busy so we make it convenient and always at your fingertips.



Hi, I'm Marianne ‚ÄĒ

I help lawyers get what they want. 

... and I'm so glad you're here.

I love lawyers, I love working with lawyers, and I love being a lawyer. I've been a lawyer for 30+ years, coach for 20+, and entrepreneur for 15+. No matter where you are in your career, I've probably experienced the same joys and challenges you do.

I designed the Masterclass just for you: whether you're a seasoned lawyer or just starting out, deliriously happy in your career choices or flat-out miserable, in Big Law or at a small firm, in-house, with the government, at a nonprofit, or in transition. Wherever you are, I've got you. 

You're in good hands: over the last 30+ years as a lawyer, entrepreneur, coach, career development expert, law school professor, and law firm Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, I know the best tools to get results, fast. 

I did all the research & work so you don't have to. And I know these tools work, so I offer a money-back guarantee.

The catch? You need to dedicate 10 minutes a day to yourself, and be ready to roll up your sleeves.  

It's you time. Let's go.   

The Lawyer Success Masterclass

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